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Tipsy Recipe- Vanilla Pear Fizz

This was made recently for one of our amazing couples, I am going to make a few tweeks though.

Step One- Boil even parts water and sugar, add in fresh vanilla and one cup of fresh diced pear. I didn't use vanilla syrup, I used fresh cut vanilla bean, you can doing either and not much is needed but you can add to your liking.

Let it all boil for a five minutes stirring some, remove and let sit to cool.

Step Two- Once the syrup is cooled down, drain this into a container and put in the fridge until use.

Step Three- Gather Gin or Vodka, Soda Water, 8 oz glass and measuring tools

Step Four- Make your drink!

In an 8 oz glass mix 1.5 ounces of Gin or Vodka ( about 3 tbsp)

Add 2 tbsp of your Vanilla Pear Syrup, whisk these together

Add 3/4 cup of Soda Water and top with Ice

To Make this even better, add a vanilla-sugar rim to your glass. Maybe even add a dehydrated or fresh Pear garnish.

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