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About US

We are Sean and Michelle, Owners of Tipsy Trailer Mobile Bartending.  Local to Snohomish, we have a long history in the construction and bartending industry, weird combination right?  It happened to work out wonderfully when it comes to this business as we build and operate all of our bars! 

Sean is the master of Building and Renovating. 

Michelle is the guru of cocktails and all things bartending related! 

Outside of running this business, we are parents to two kids (20, 25 now). Also parents to 5 dogs, 5 highlander cattle, one rescue horse and a an adorable pig! 

Travel, food and all things ocean are what we thrive on and enjoy. Traveling the world, learning and creating memories is something we hope to never stop doing. 

We love, appreciate and are truly grateful for each and every client we work with. Without your support, Tipsy Trailer would not be. 

Thank you all, 

Michelle & Sean

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