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Let's Talk Kegs

Let's start with we love kegs, we really do. It's so wonderful to not have giant bags of cans and bottles lingering all around the back of the trailer when there is not a dumpster in site for us to utilize. Not to mention, with a keg you can utilize reuseable tossware to cut back on garbage and be overall better to the planet.

Just because we love kegs doesn't mean that it is the best option for all our clients. Let's go through the pros and the cons, you can decide for yourself afterward!

Pro (Keg): A full size keg holds 165 12oz bottles of beer, thats a lot of 12 packs.

Con (Keg): They are heavy.

Pro (Keg): Easier Clean Up

Con (Keg): If you do not own a tap system, you will waste the keg if you do not finish it at your event.

Pro (Keg): Kegs are much more eco-friendly

Con (Keg): Kegs take a lot of equipment, and knowledge required to use them. (CO2, etc.)

Pro (Keg): Loss Prevention improved. I can't tell you how many bottles have shattered in my bar....

Con (Keg): You get less options for beer choices.

Pro (Bottle/can): You can have way more selections.

Con (Bottle/can): Creates more clutter

Pro (Bottle/can): Easier to transport

Con (Bottle/can): Ice to keep these continually warm throughout a long night is insane, so increase in ice cost is huge.

Pro (Bottle/can): You can take home leftovers and drink at your own pace.

Con (Bottle/can): Large amounts take up a lot of space in a fridge or garage.

Overall, taste. In my opinion, it is hard to beat a fresh poured beer from a tap!

I would rather wait a little longer for a great beer, because we all know taps can take some time!

I hope this helps some of you trying to decide on a Keg vs. Bottles or cans of beer.

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