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Diamond Package

This package offers the service of Beer, Wine & Champagne Only

Starting at $1700.00

The Diamond Package is our premier package, take a look at all it includes:


- Trailer of choice  
- (1)  Bartender (up to 60 guests) 
- up to 4 hours of service
- Set up and take down 
- Bar Kit 
- Menu planning
- Disposable cups, Ice, Straws, Napkins
- Garnishes (If applicable)
-Standard Mixers PLUS Specialty Mixers
(Cran, Oj, Pineapple, Simple Syrups, Club Soda, Tonic, Coke, DC, Sprite, Bitters, Smoke Kits, 
  Specialty Juices,  Edible Glitters, Specialty Cocktail Rim options) 
- Décor for trailer 

* $21 charge for over 120 guests (Avg. $7 per drink)
** 22% gratuity billed with no tip jar, 18% with tip jar**

Note: We have a minimum for weddings of $1500.00 for prime Saturday dates


We do not supply Alcohol in any packages, we offer courier service but do not carry a liquor license to sell alcohol.

Please note an increase of 10% on Holiday weekends


A few things to keep in mind when creating your package:


*Any event over (60) guests will require 2 bartenders, over (150) a bar back is recommended.

*Packages are priced to cover supplies for us to (120) guests, there is additional charges to per person to cover supply costs over the 120 guests. 

*If you are wanting table service during dinner, you are required to add in our event staff option.

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